Hello and Welcome!

My name is Bronwyn Cozens. We may have met before, at a writing workshop, or some other place where the likes of us gather – workshops, seminars, classes, meetings, inspirational gatherings.

I’ve been teaching the skills of writing for years, and have been yearning to find the time to put it all on paper, to reach a wider audience of developing writers. And at last, I have made – or found – the opportunity.

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Here is my plan. I am preparing a series of E-Books for Writers which will cover many aspects of fiction and non-fiction writing. The first of these are available now at SmashWords, and very soon on Amazon Kindle – Twelve Terrific Tips for Fiction Writers, and Creating Characters - Techniques for Fiction Writers. Others will follow shortly – just check the Skills Bookshelf for updates or sign up for blog notifications.

I am excited to share with you that I have some Apps on the way too! Sign up for blog notifications and I will let you know when these are available.

Also I will post regular articles on this website, addressing issues of topical importance and interest to writers.

I love writing. And I love working with writers. I plan to have great fun on this website, and I hope you will be there with me, learning, sharing, and above all, writing.